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More and more swifts are returning at this time of year and it will be exciting to see if any nest this season in the Swift tower at Logan’s Meadow. Last breeding season it was the Starlings which were more interested. This year to provide optimum nesting conditions for the Swifts small plates have been attached to the front access holes which restrict Starlings entering but allow Swifts to fit in easily. This will stop the Swift tower becoming a Starling tower instead!Fingers crossed more Swift mating pairs will decide that Logan’s Meadow, with…

The new management plan for Coldham’s Common has been approved. This means that the site will be sensitively managed with nature and people in mind. If you would like to view the plan it can be found at : http://democracy.cambridge.gov.uk/documents/s33268/Committee%20Report%20March16%20FINAL.pdf   http://democracy.cambridge.gov.uk/documents/s33269/Coldhams%20Common%20Draft%20Management%20Plan%20FINAL%202.pdf

A great community day is happening this weekend on Coldhams Common. There will be events such as a big litter pick, outdoor environmental games for children and guided nature walks around the common. The event is starting at 10:30am, meeting at the lay by on Barnwell road opposite the pet shop. Additional information: Don’t mess with Abbey           www.facebook.com/groups/dontmesswithabbey/ Abbey People                          www.abbeypeople.org.uk Clean for the Queen 2016      www.cleanforthequeen.co.uk   Contact Jesús Zurdo; email: jesus.zurdo@gmail.com; Tel: 07480 151691