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The Saturday volunteers met this weekend and enjoyed the task of preparing Bramblefields Nature reserve for the Forest School visitors. Shirley School runs a forest school on the site for their reception children. The children really enjoy exploring and discovering their local green space and it was a pleasure to clear a few pathways to aid this! The Saturday group runs every month on the last Saturday of the month 10am -1pm. The next one will be Saturday 31st October. If you are interested please email: parks@cambridge.gov.uk

4 Redpoll cattle have settled in to graze this valuable mosaic of grassland and scrub throughout September and October. Their grazing helps to push back scrub, reduce invasive non-natives such as Golden rod and Michealmas daisy on the site. Their presence also works to break up the ground for new plants to seed into and the dung provides a home for a myriad of invertebrates,which in turn creates a good food source for the birds. The cows help to continue the great job the volunteer work parties do throughout the year at…

This beautiful late flowering plant is a welcome sight at this time of year. The species are usually found on dry calcareous grassland or sand dunes. It is a biennial plant,  producing leaves in the first year and the lovely purple flowers in the second. It’s diminutive size means it’s sometimes hard to spot!