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Proposed Tree works-Paradise LNR's

26 November 2009

by Ellis Selway

Proposed Major Tree Works at Paradise Local Nature Reserve

Access and Habitats Project

 (Paradise LNR, Owlstone Road, Newnham, Cambridge)

The proposals for Paradise LNR involve lowering sections of the marsh and diverting water from an existing ditch through the marsh, reducing the amount of time the marsh dries out in the summer months.  It is evident that the marsh and wet woodland are drying out and this is having a negative impact on the wildlife that is supported by these habitats.  By creating a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) we are aiming to utilise runoff to increase biodiversity and improve the water quality before it is finally discharges into the Cam.

Access improvements include the extension of the existing raised boardwalk to allow year round access and the installation of a seasonal interpretation trail to encourage families to experience the reserve. 

Proposed tree works

Subject to Environment Agency Consent currently being sought and the necessary Planning Permission*, groundworks and construction of the boardwalk is proposed in September 2010. 

*if required for soil movements.

Tree works are proposed in the winter of 2009-10 utilising the approved tree contractors list.  Ellis Selway, Community Reserves Officer and Kenny McGregor, Arboricultural Officer have selected trees on the following basis;

  • Cause significant shading of ditch
  • Removal required to create an open glade on the site of the old tennis court
  • Removal required to reduce dominance of tree species on periphery of marsh
  • Obstruct proposed routing of ditch and/or extension of marsh
  • Non-native species of low biodiversity value
  • Diseased and/or dead specimen (health & safety implications)

(See map and tree list).

Management of the trees contained within the reserve is outlined in the Paradise LNR Management Plan.

To minimise disturbance to wildlife and protected species listed under the Habitats Regulations, operations need to be completed before 1st March 2010, in order to achieve groundworks and construction in September 2010.

There is no major replanting proposed.  Maiden willow trees will be established on river bank utilising pollarded materials to preserve local tree stock.

The removal of selected trees would allow for an overall increase in biodiversity associated with the habitats found within the reserve. 

Public Consultation

Public consultation on these proposals is now closed and there were no objections.

These proposals can be viewed at:

Cambridge City Council

2nd Floor Planning Reception

The Guildhall



Cambridge City Council

Customer Service Centre

Mandela House

4 Regent Street



If you would like to discuss these proposed tree works please contact:

Ellis Selway                                                                Kenny McGregor

Community Reserves Officer                          Arboricultural Officer

Tel: 01223 457367                                                          Tel: 01223 457138             


Details of the tree protocol can be found at