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Eft on their way!

25 July 2005

by Ellis Selway

On a recent pond survey at Logan's Meadow a large number of Eft's have been found.  So what are Eft's?  They are baby newts!  The ones found at Logan's Meadow are Smooth Newts and the recent work to introduce water on to the reserve has directly benefited these species.

Newts require water to breed.  In the spring they lay their eggs on water plants and the newt starts off its life as a nymph similar to a tadpole but with external gills.  Over a period of about 10 weeks the newt develops lungs and legs and eventually looses its gills, relying on oxygen within the air.  These Eft's will not return to the water to breed until mature which could take as long as 2-3 years. 

Adult Newts spend most of their adult life away from water, hunting at Night when its damp for slugs, worms and occasional pond food like tadpoles or small fish.

A female Smooth Newt