Bat walk on Sheep’s Green


A most enjoyable night was had on Thursday as the volunteers went out for a bat walk around Sheep’s Green nature reserve in Cambridge. We followed the route that one of the volunteer’s has been doing nightly as part of a Diploma in species monitoring.

We had bat detectors which were great at picking up the calls of Soprano and Common Pipistrelle and Noctule bats. We also had a thermal imaging camera which we used to try and locate the bat roosts. This camera also showed how warm the trees were which surprised us, how well insulated the ducks were and how cold a dog’s nose was! It even picked up the heat generated by a moth’s wing muscle moving.

We also had the use of an Echo Meter Touch bat detector which was an amazing piece of kit. It plugs in to your phone and then can record, locate and name the bats instantly after registering the bat’s ultrasonic sounds. Highly recommended.

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