Bidwells and Waitrose CSR


Byron’s pool nature reserve was the beautiful location selected for the latest task in Bidwells and Waitrose corporate social responsibility programme. The workers who are part of this scheme are eager to give something back to their local community. These two Trumpington based companies decided on supporting their nearby nature reserve by part taking in some conservation work. The task was to cut and rake the woodland glade situated by the river. It was important to clear the glade as many woodland species use these key areas to feed and reproduce. The cutting and raking stops the vegetation from becoming rank and species poor.

The volunteers were enthusiastic and happily accepted our chosen tool for the day, the scythe! Once full instructions were given they readily took to this traditional method of clearance even in the soaring temperatures. Regular stops for blade sharpening gave the opportunity for chats about life at the busy superstore and changes in the housing markets of Cambridge. But it wasn’t long before the rhythmic cutting motion of scythes worked it’s magic and conversations turned to bigger themes such as, nature and how important green spaces are to local people especially when on their lunch breaks!

We finished with a cup of tea and general agreement that a day out in the sunshine enhancing the biodiversity of Byron’s pool was a very worthy use of time.

Many thanks to all involved!

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