Birds and bees

male hairy footed flower bee

Tawny Mining bee      So much activity happening on the reserves despite the cold and wind! Swifts and swallows finally beginning to return and many Solitary bees out foraging. This male Hairy footed flower bee and the Tawny mining bees were all spotted at Bramblefields nature reserve recently.  Tawny mining bee

It’s worth trying to get to know our many, varied and most beautiful solitary bees. Just as important in the role of pollinators as more well known bees. Also, as most do not store collected pollen in “leg baskets” but in a more loose and messy way in a pollen brush under their abdomens, the pollen collected by them is made more available to the receptive female parts of a flower. If the landing bee hits the right spot!

Lots of bird song to be enjoyed at the moment too, dawn and dusk especially. Check out this great blog post recorded at Coldhams Common reserve:




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