Cambridge city’s wildflower meadows

Flower meadow

You may have noticed these small patches of wild beauty popping up on some of our city’s parks, it’s part of the a City Council initiative to help out our dear pollinators and bring some added colour and interest to these mostly grassy places. Parker’s Piece, Jesus Green, Colleridge Rec, Cherry Hinton Hall all have their own corners devoted to wild flowers. But there are many others dotted around the city and this year in particular they have given local residents (as well as pollinators) extra pleasure as they burst into bloom.

However this beauty does take a little work! Now the flowers have finished, the seed heads are being allowed time to drop their seeds and then the mowing must commence, shortly followed by a rake and then a remove! This then creates the best conditions for it all to happen again next year. How gratifying to know that most of this work is done by volunteers. See the pics below show casing these nature heroes! A big THANK YOU to them!

Man mowing grass      People raking grass     People scything grass

If you would like to help maintaining and creating these meadows either contact: or check out

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