Change at Bramblefields Nature Reserve.

Bramblefields pond.

Work started on the new pond this week at Bramblefields nature reserve in Chesterton. This work has been funded through the Chesterton sidings Train station development.

The pond has been situated next to the original pond at the reserve which is already home to a healthy newt and dragonfly population. The new larger pond has been designed with these species in mind and it is hoped that they will quickly populate this pond too.

These changes are part of a wider vision for the reserve which takes its inspiration from the lost brownfield site that the new station was built on. Brownfield sites have become some of the most species rich habitats in the UK, particularly for invertebrates and amphibians. The varied topography, low nutrient soils and plenty of opportunities for basking are some of the features that make Brownfield sites so successful in supporting and sheltering species. Therefore to include some of these components in the changes to Bramblefields seemed logical and essential. It will be exciting to see how many new species will be attracted to the site as the project unfolds and develops.





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