Cherry Hinton Brook enhancements

CHB Shute

Twenty-eight tonnes of gravel have been put in to the section of Cherry Hinton Brook next to Sainsbury’s, Coldhams lane, with much ingenuity and problem solving!

This obviously took a lot of hard-working volunteers to achieve but the benefits to the habitat outweigh some temporary achy backs!  The Wild Trout Trust, Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook and the City Council all worked together to raise the bed of the stream. By reducing the depth in key locations the cross-sectional area of the local water is reduced but the velocity of the local water is increased. This means that the quality of the habitat is improved as the deposition of fine sediment is reduced and the bed gravel is left clearer which is most welcome for many gravel loving species.

This section of the brook is monitored every month for freshwater invertebrates. It will be great to watch how the species count grows as the improvements take effect.


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