Cherry Hinton Brook monitoring


Since May last year volunteers have been monitoring Cherry Hinton Brook’s River fly larvae populations. Riverflies are an important indicator of the overall health of a water system. Using a monitoring system developed initially by Anglers,  then refined by the Riverfly partnership,  it has been amazing to see what life is present in the brook.

The need for monitoring became apparent after improvements were made to the stream but with no real way to measure the impact these changes had potentially had. Alongside the Riverfly populations the stream’s health is also monitored for other important elements such as: dissolved oxygen, temperature and PH. The aim is to try to build up a picture of the brook’s condition and how well it supports aquatic life.

The monitoring is carried out by volunteers. Their work  not only provides valuable data but also gives them the opportunity to become familiar with their local stream and what lives in it. If you would like to join in with this exciting project please email:


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