Chilling hours.

Autumn leaves

Just when you think you’ve found the most beautiful one, another catches your eye. Leaves are pretty spectacular at the moment. What is it about collecting them too? Like shells on the beach, another perfectly designed natural distraction to help ease our lock down stresses. Not to mention the fungi that’s popping up on all the reserves, reminding us of a whole underworld of activity going on in the soil below.

Toadstool mushroom  Orange tree mushrooms Shaggy ink cap mushroomMushrooms spotted on Stourbridge Common

Did you know that deciduous trees physically need a dormancy time to gather their energy for the coming spring. In the world of orchards this time is quite specific, Apples needing ideally 1000 hours of between 1-7 degrees in order to flower well. Orchardists (yes that’s a real word!) call these hours ‘chilling hours’. Perhaps we could view the lock down as something similar, ‘chilling hours’ where we restore and gather strength only to dazzle when the spring comes!

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