Combating ‘path creep’ on the reserves.

river path

With all the extra human traffic on the reserves we are experiencing a new phenomenon, affectionately becoming known as ‘path creep’. Paths that used to be perhaps a metre or two wide are now four or more. If you added up all this lost ground on  the reserves you could probably form a new one! In the last week efforts have begun to slowly reclaim some of this extra path way back. At Paradise nature reserve the sides of the paths have been rotovated to stimulate new growth and wood chip has been laid to try and encourage a slightly narrower route.


Logan’s Meadow is equally showing signs of extra wear and tear, particularly in the reed bed which is now accessible from all sides. There is concern that the Water voles may have moved out due to this increased disturbance. Some survey days are planned in May to see if this is the case. Fingers crossed it’s not. Our reserves have served us all very well during lock down, but now is the time to give them a bit of TLC and consideration.

reed bed      trampled reed bed

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