Crassula helmsii blitz!


The hot weather has added an interesting dynamic to life on the reserves, putting it mildly!

Most plants are suffering and life cycles are being put under extreme pressure. Evidence of this will become more apparent next year when the effect on numbers can be observed.

The rising temperatures have also dried up some of our ponds. This happened at Bramblefields nature reserve where the original pond became a slightly damp indent rather than a body of water. However this did provide the opportunity to easily remove the invasive pond weed Crassula helmsii or New Zealand pygmy weed also sometimes known as Australian swamp stonecrop. This plant can quickly smoother other aquatic plants and reduce germination rates, it has a mat forming tendency which results in a reduction of open water aquatic species. With no water in the pond it was easy for the conservation volunteers to remove the weed and hopefully majorly knock back its plans for domination.

Bio-security note! It’s important to always clean off nets, wellies and waders if you are ever in any ponds or streams. This is the best way to reduce the spread of these kinds of invasive species.

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