Cycle routes in Cambridge, discover something new!

Paradise Nature Reserve River Path

Since lock down there definitely seems to be more people out on their bikes which can only be a positive. To tie in with World Environment Day this Friday it could be a fun activity to try and find some of our fantastic nature reserves in Cambridge which you may not know are there.

How about trying to do a cycle route around the city visiting as many as you can? It’s possible to plan a safe route which uses only cycle paths and routes through the green spaces.

Perhaps more do-able could be just visiting the ones in the West of the city for example, start at Paradise reserve, go through Grantchester Meadows pop in to Byron’s Pool reserve for a picnic then on to 9 Wells reserve and back?

Byron's Pool

Or in the East you could try starting at Coldham’s Common, into Barnwell West then Barnwell East reserves, back through Coldham’s Common, through Stourbridge Common and finish at Logan’s Meadow?

Byron's Pool Trail

Have a look at our map on this website and plan a route that suits you. You could also include checking out ideas from the Wildlife Trust 30 day challenge to add to the whole experience.

It would be great to hear how you get on email: and let us know!


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