Education & Guided Walks

Education worksheets

A series of worksheets have been created to provide an opportunity to learn more about the environment at any Local Nature Reserve within the City.

They are based on the teaching requirements of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and incorporate elements of the programme of study for a range of statutory subjects. These worksheets can be used independently, or as part of a guided walk.

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Guided walks

Are you a community group or a school who would like to learn more about nature and your Local Nature Reserve?

Available throughout the year, guided walks are free and open to all ages (not just children!). Though seasonal change will restrict some activities there is always something to discover at any time of the year. Indoor talks are also available.

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Countryside Code

  • Protect Wildlife, wild plants and trees. Do not pick flowers, pull bark off trees or remove any wildlife. You could be arrested and fined a lot of money!
  • Leave no litter. Take rubbish home, it is unsightly and is dangerous to wild animals and humans!
  • Guard against all risk of fire. Don’t dispose of matches, cigarettes, and glass in the countryside. A small glass bottle could destroy a whole woodland just by the power of the sun!
  • Fasten all gates. Always close a gate behind you. Livestock can wonder off and could cause an accident.
  • Keep to the paths. Walkers must keep to public footpaths or to permissive paths. If you start a new path everybody will follow! Wild flowers can be damaged and animals may be disturbed.
  • Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls. Fences are expensive to repair. Livestock can escape and habitats can be destroyed.
  • Safeguard water supplies. Do not pollute them with waste food, rubbish or urinate near watercourses. Remember it’s your drinking water!