Guided Walks

Are you a community group or a school who would like to learn more about nature and your Local Nature Reserve?

Available throughout the year, guided walks are free and open to all ages (not just children!). Though seasonal change will restrict some activities there is always something to discover at any time of the year. Indoor talks are also available.

Don’t know where the LNR’s are?

Please refer to the reserves page to find your nearest Local Nature Reserve and directions of how to get there.


We shall be using dipping nets to examine freshwater creatures. Talk on water environments and associated wildlife. Available from April to September ONLY!

Available at Barnwell East/Barnwell West. There is pond dipping available at Bramblefields for groups of less than 10.


An all round tour specific to the reserve. We shall look at the history, management and wildlife on the reserve. Some small exercises based on worksheets. Specific worksheets or topics can be requested. Available all year round. Obvious restrictions to seasonal variations but talk can be adapted. All reserves except Limekiln and West Pit LNR.


Looking at all types of invertebrates and their associated food chains. We shall be using equipment to collect bugs for a closer look. Available mainly March to October. Seasonal variations will limit amount of bugs! All reserves.


You can request a Walk/Talk on any environmental subject associated with the reserves. Perhaps you want a walk on birds, or perhaps on identifying trees in winter or an indoor talk on the Local Nature Reserves across the city. Available at any Reserve except Limekiln and West Pit LNR. All year round.

If you are interested in any of the above please contact: