Butterfly Survey at Coldhams Common

Coldham’s Common is one of the best sites within the city of Cambridge to see butterflies. In a weekly survey carried out between 1st April and the 30th Sept 2019 a total of 23 species were recorded and are listed in the table below.

The star butterfly has to be the Marbled White, a species which has expanded its range eastwards in recent years, and Coldham’s Common is now home to one of two breading colonies in the city (the other being Trumpington Meadows)

Species Common Name Best time of year to see adult.
Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper Late June – Aug
Thymelicus lineola Essex Skipper July – Aug
Ochlodes sylvanus Large Skipper June – Aug
Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone March – May & Sept – Oct
Pieris rapae Small White May – June & Aug
Pieris brassicae Large White Late April – June & Sept.
Pieris napi Green-veined White April – May & July – Aug
Anthocharis cardamines Orange-tip Mid April – June & Late Aug – early Sept
Lycaena phlaeas Small copper May, July – Aug – Sept
Aricia agestis Brown Argus Mid May – June & Aug – Sept
Polyommatus icarus Common Blue Mid May – June & Aug – Sept
Celastrina argiolus Holly Blue April – May & July – Aug
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral May – Sept
Vanessa cardui Painted Lady April – June & Aug – Sept
Aglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell April – Sept
Polygonia c-album Comma March – May & July – Sept
Aglais io Peacock March – May & Sept – Oct
Melanargia galathea Marbled White July – Aug
Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper July – Sept
Maniola jurtina Meadow Brown Mid June – mid Sept
Aphantopus hyperantus Ringlet July – Aug
Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood April, June and Aug-Sept
Coenonympha pamphilus Small Heath Late May – mid July & late Aug-Sept