Electrifying electro-fishing

Electro fishing

As part of the City Council’s Chalk stream initiative, https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/chalk-streams

a fish survey was carried out last Thursday at Vicar’s Brook, which is the stream which runs down the side of Coe Fen nature reserve. Electro fishing is the name of the technique used, it’s basically the process of putting an electric current through the water which temporarily and painlessly stuns the fish thereby making it far easier to find them and record them. This was in advance of the stream improvements planned for the brook this year.

10 species were recorded, including Brown Trout, adults and a youngster (parr) from this year. This is very encouraging to the project as we now know they are successfully breeding in this stretch. Any improvements will only increase their numbers and increase their food supply.

Other species recorded were Pike, Dace, Roach, Chubb, Gudgeon, Bullhead, Minnow, 3 Spined Stickleback, and Stone Loach, all mostly youngsters which again helps to guide what improvements would work best in what is essentially a fish nursery. Take a look at some of these gorgeous young things! TWild brown trout parr


Brown Trout                                       Bullhead fish

Photos by Mario Shimbov.

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