First hedgehog survey night

Hedgehog survey talks

The first of the hedgehog survey nights kicked off at Bramblefields nature reserve in Chesterton. There was a good turn out on what was a relatively wet and windy night. Paul Wyer from the Wildlife Trust gave a really interesting talk about hedgehogs, their decline in numbers and what we can do about combating this. We then we headed off around the reserve armed with the thermal imaging camera and lots of torches.

A false alarm happened twice, having seen something warm on the thermal camera we all very excitedly searched for our first hedgehogs only to find firstly a disgruntled cat, followed by a surprised fox.

We decided to stop at around 10pm having not spotted any hedgehogs but having plenty of conversations about changes we could all make to help urban hedgehogs, the main change being ensuring there are plenty of access points in our garden fences. Connectivity is key!

On the way home, literally round the corner from the reserve, three of the participants saw a hedgehog crossing the road in front of them!

Why did the hedgehog cross the road?

To get away from surveyors…..?

If you would like to join the next survey session here are the coming dates:

Wednesday 21st Aug, Cherry Hinton Hall, 8:30pm, meeting in the car park.

Wednesday 28th Aug Romsey Rec, 8:30pm, meeting at the Vinery Road entrance.

Wednesday 4th Sept, Paradise nature reserve, 8pm, meeting in the carpark at Lammas land, next to the reserve.


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