Floating Pennywort bash

Floating Pennywort

Floating Pennywort is an invasive aquatic plant which has become a highly problematic on our waterways. Originally from South America Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides) seems very at home in UK waters, it’s rapid growth rate can quickly clog up rivers and destroy habitats. In recent years the river Cam has been badly hit, within 5 years the weed has spread at an alarming speed, from Grantchester all the way out to the Denver Sluice on the Great Ouse river.

For these reasons many people have been motivated to help with the removal of the weed in an attempt to curb it’s growth. Motivation was high when the LNR volunteers and representative from the Cam Valley forum gathered to clear the Pennywort from where it was gathering on the banks of Paradise Nature reserve. Motivation had to be high because the sub-zero temperatures would probably have deterred more fainthearted environmentalists. Great progress was made pulling the weed out of the water and also cutting back over hanging branches which the Pennywort plant uses to help anchor itself along the river. Important and valuable work which unfortunately will have to repeated come the Spring and Summer. A war is being waged!



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