Fun nature activities!

While, what feels like the longest summer ever continues, how about upping your nature identification skills to impress your friends and kids? Or even to enjoy with your friends and kids?

Two really easy and informative surveys to take part in are firstly, The Big Butterfly Count

It’s running till August 9th, just count as many butterflies you see in 15mins. Also good to send your findings to @savebutterflies to double up on your useful data.

Secondly the Pollinator Monitoring Scheme is a little more involved but great for increasing your knowledge and appreciation of a few more species groups. Find it at:

Pollinators in general are good indicators or signalers, being sensitive to habitat loss or pollution, changes in their numbers can help guide future conservation responses. Therefore your data is important as well as a fun activity.

The Conservation Volunteers have been carrying out both these surveys on our beautiful local nature reserves of Cambridge. The Reserves

Here’s some pics of the kind of sights we have enjoyed!

6 spotted moths          Common Blue butterfly on wild carrot           Honey bee on Knapweed

It’s a beautiful world out there!

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