Get the Rush!

stream rush

Take a walk to Sheep’s Green and listen out for the unfamiliar sound of rushing water. This is due to the completion of a very exciting new project which has transformed a heavily silted water course in to something very special. Previously the slow-moving watercourse met the river at a seized sluice gate which provided no upward access to the river for fish species. Barriers to fish within a stream or river have a very negative impact on that ecosystem. The Rush project will turn this a round. The change in level between the upper river and the mill pool will be gradually lost in a series of ramps and pools that allow the fish to travel upstream but also to shelter and feed. The increased flow will expose gravel for spawning and create a suitable habitat for many aquatic invertebrates.
As aquatic and marginal vegetation grows the look of the stream will soften and naturalize. Species such as Minnows, Chubb, Dace and hopefully Brown trout along with a multitude of other native species will find a healthy oxygenated watercourse to thrive in.
To have this interesting and varied habitat in such close proximity to the city is wonderful. It is valuable to people as well as nature. It is something which everyone can enjoy and watch develop

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