Hedgehog Highways happening here!

Hedgehog survey in Cambridge

One of the main reasons hedgehogs are declining in our towns is because our garden fences and walls are too secure and well made!  Hedgehogs need to roam and forage at night for up to a mile on average therefore well made fences can become complete barriers to this. With this in mind the residents of Gwydir street in Cambridge decided to make the bold move to become the city’s first official Hedgehog Highway. This entails ensuring that every garden fence has a suitable hedgehog sized hole in it thus allowing free movement of hedgehogs around their street and gardens (a hedgehog friendly sized hole is 13cm x 13cm).

This ambitious plan was first prompted by hedgehog surveys undertaken by Cambridge City Council during the summer which identified the Mill Road area as a relative hot spot for hedgehogs in the city. As Gwydir street already had a residents association it was easy to contact and then mobilize householders. A flyer was posted through every door explaining the plan and why it was important given that hedgehogs are massively declining nationwide. A hedgehog symbol was then put in the window of any household which had a suitable gap in their fence therefore making it easy to spot where there still needed to be one made. This positive action will improve the life chances of local hedgehogs exponentially.

If you would like to try and make your street a Hedgehog Highway do please get in touch at: parks@cambridge.gov.uk

The City Council can help with putting holes in fences if it is needed.

How can you help hedgehogs in your garden?

If you’d like to help hedgehogs in your garden here are few handy tips:

  • keep wild areas, bramble patches are especially good.
  • make sure ponds steps to secure an easy access
  • do not use pesticides
  • burn garden waste on the same day as the pile is made
  • encourage insects into your garden by sowing wildflowers and creating log piles.

Good websites for more info are:



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