Hedgehog homes built by local school

The Perse School undertook the task of providing homes for our city’s hedgehogs. Following a design brief they constructed sturdy, water proof wooden houses which it is hoped will go on to provide a safe refuge as a either a day nest or actual hibernation site for local hedgehogs. Some of the homes were taken to the nearby housing area,  Accordia where local children were given a chance to learn some more about the habits of hedgehogs and then site the homes in places they decided would be most suitable.

Monitoring Tunnels were placed around the site also to try and confirm the presence of hedgehogs. The tunnels are set up with food bait inside them and the hedgehogs have to cross an ink pad and then a sheet of paper to reach the food. By looking at the foot prints it is possible to see if hedgehogs are active in the area. Fingers crossed!

Hedgehog Footprints

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