Himalayan Balsam gets pulled!


The conservation volunteers made an early start on subduing the invasive marginal plant, Himalayan Balsam. It’s pretty yes, and later in the season a good food source for invertebrates agreed, but still there’s no room for complacency. Without a firm hand this plant has the potential to completely dominate a stream side or riverbank. Therefore sensitive management is needed. Last month the young plants were located and pulled up in the marsh area at Byron’s pool reserve. It’s easier to spot and remove them when everything is smaller otherwise later on in the season it’s a bit of a battle to actually get to the plants to pull them up. Therefore the volunteers were tasked with a gentle wander through the marsh spotting and then pulling up the seedlings. Although effective this did require a lot of bending down, the term “balsam back ” was coined after the session.

It’s all for the good cause of biodiversity!!!

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