How can you help hedgehogs?

hedgehog hole in gateway

It’s National Hedgehog week and it does feels right to be highlighting these endearing and charismatic creatures. Have you had the honour of a prickly visitor in your garden recently? Many people in Cambridge have, especially the residents of Gwydir street who recently pledged to make their street the first official Hedgehog highway in Cambridge. Please see their website for their latest local sightings

Hedgehogs are declining rapidly, studies reveal that their numbers have fallen by half in the last 2 decades. This is mainly due to habitat loss, increased use of pesticides and habitat fragmentation. This fragmentation is something that we can easily help with by connecting up our gardens, if we are luckily enough to have one. A simple hole in the fence, no more than 13cm x 13cm can allow a hedgehog vital access to a wider range. Therefore giving them more space to roam, forage, nest and breed.

How about being even more ambitious and consider taking out the fence and planting a hedge?

Other ways you can help are by leaving wild areas in your garden especially brambles, creating log piles, planting wildflower areas, or putting a pond in.

All will bring in more species and help not only hedgehogs but many other species too.

The success of the Gwydir street hedgehog highway was celebrated on Cambridge 105.

Neil Whiteside: Gwydir Street Hedgehog Highway

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