Ivy see, Ivy bee.

ivy bee pollen baskets

Take a moment today to stand in the sunshine looking at an ivy bush. It will be worth it!

ivy and berries bush If it’s a mature plant it should have those lovely structural yellow-green flower clusters covering it.

ivy flower


Then you might notice a gentle hum…….

This most probably is coming from the Ivy bee (Colletes hederae) A relative new comer to our island, first discovered in 2002 in Southern England. Originating from Europe the Ivy bee has undergone a rapid expansion in the last two decades and now can be found in most Southern counties and increasingly moving northward and inland. Ivy bee

ivy bee in nest

This ground nesting solitary bee can be found hovering around the ivy flowers gathering this late source of nectar. Hot spots in Cambridge for spotting these are Chesterton Rec and West Pit

but probably in your back garden too!

ivy bee pollen baskets                                  ivy bee on ivy

Solitary bees are high on the agenda for the City Council’s Pollinator Campaign, with bee bank construction being planned for some of the reserves soon. These will provide perfect nesting sites for these valuable pollinators. More info as this unfolds.

In the meantime try and spot these adorable, intrepid, bees flying now for a limited time only, terms and conditions apply. 😉








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