Language students from Singapore experience their first Nettle sting!

The girls had a packed programme during their two week visit to England. Part of their tour included a visit to Cambridge, their teacher thought it would be more enriching for her students to actually be directly involved in some Conservation work rather than a standard tour of the famous buildings and bridges found here. We decided on Byron’s Pool as the most convenient and historic venue.

The girls, most of whom do not have a garden at home and certainly have never worked outside in nature before, took on the task with some trepidation! We were clearing the paths and raking up some cut Nettles. The girls had never seen a Nettle before and it didn’t take long before they found out why they are called Stinging Nettles. They quickly learnt the formerly unknown Dock and Plantain plants as well and how you use them to soothe!

They were brilliantly attentive and eager to learn about British flora and fauna but also about Granchester’s history from Lord Byron to Pink Floyd! It was a fun and illuminating day.

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