Memorial benches at Paradise

Paradise Benches

A local resident wanted to celebrate the life of her mother by installing a memorial bench. It was fitting to choose  Paradise Nature reserve as the venue as this was a favourite place for her mother to stroll around. Sadly, in later years  she found the walk just a bit too far and would have really benefitted from having a bench to rest on and enjoy the surroundings. For this reason some kind of seating was seen as the most fitting tribute which would also benefit the community.

It was felt that a more natural looking bench would suit the environment and so a fallen willow from nearby Sheep’s Green  was used for the four benches while a felled Poplar was used for the central table. Although wood from these trees may not be as durable as some other hard wood varieties, it felt appropriate to use wood from the local reserve but also wood that would have a life as a bench but then go on to provide shelter and food as it rotted down and rejoined the ecosystem at the reserve. The benches are situated next to the new pond and will hopefully become well used and provide the setting for many happy occasions.

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