Nest Box Valentine special!

Robin on a fence post

Legend has it that originally Saint Valentine’s day was said to be the day the birds find their mates and so it became known as the day of love,  how very cute!

In celebration of this fuzzy phenomenon, how about making or buying a nesting box? It’s National Nest Box week (14th-21st Feb) which, even saying those words, does feel decidedly Spring-like, positive and upbeat! But also a perfect incentive to get those boxes up and settle in.

Legend also has it that Blue Tits are the most likely birds to use a nest box. They prefer something with a 25mm entrance, see this link;

There’s lots of guidance to be found here:

You can even take part in a nest box survey:

Or if you feel like ‘nice idea but probably won’t get round to it’.

Then remember most of our garden birds prefer a big patch of bramble or thick Ivy to nest in. So just don’t tidy up or cut back and the work is done for you!

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