New bee bank for Wenvoe Meadow.

Bee bank

The conservation volunteers created nothing short of a work of art this week at Wenvoe Meadow in Cherry Hinton. As well as beautiful, the ‘Bee bank’ they built is a useful addition to any wild space; containing a range of nesting substrates to suit a multitude of native solitary bee requirements. There were sand/cement layers, sand/cement/soil layers all with differing ratios of each material to hopefully give the perfect conditions for our mining bee species. There was also clay and straw layers which will crack and give satisfying fissures for other inverts to exploit. Down the sides we added hollow sticks of varying diameters to attract the Leaf Cutters bees too. The plan is to add these on our sites around the city.

The added benefit is they are too much fun to make of course! People making bee bank

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