New pathway in Paradise gives breathing space for the Butterbur.

Paradise path

The issue of muddy pathways at Paradise nature reserve has caused many a soggy pair of shoes. This week the matter was tackled by installing a slightly raised new path way. This new pathway spanned one of the worst muddy stretches in the reserve.

Hopefully it will also serve to reduce the sideways spreading of the original path which was compromising the chosen growing area of the Butterbur (Petasites). Records of this plant’s presence on the site date back to the sixteen hundreds and it’s continued presence is highly desired!

Problems began with the original route when people attempting to avoid the muddy areas ended up walking on the Butterbur, particularly damaging when only the flower spikes are showing.  The new path will hopefully end the need to ‘off road’ and the Butterbur can spread and prosper.

This pathway was made with the help of the Community Payback Team which was whole heartedly appreciated.


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