Otter news….

Willow Otter

The city’s waterways seem an unlikely habitat for finding otters in but as always nature can surprise you. Working with the Wildlife Trust the city’s nature reserves were surveyed for otter activity with very pleasing results. Spraint was found at 9 Wells, Logan’s Meadow, Stourbridge Common and Coldhams Common.

According to the Wildlife Trust just 15 years ago the otter population had almost disappeared around Cambridge. But since then the numbers have been steadily rising. Survey statistics gathered from Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers, the Cambridgeshire Mammal Group and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Water for Wildlife project have found evidence of a significant increase in Otter numbers.

The Otter survey carried out on the city’s nature reserves was part of a larger initiative which was surveying the whole of the county’s waterways and tributaries. The results are being gathered and will hopefully reveal a similar trend. It is certainly an optimistic picture for Cambridge city.

If you are interested in this project more information can be found at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Water for Wildlife Project- 01954 713555.

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