• Cows on Sheep's Green, Coe Fen
  • Lime Kiln

Autumn does have a certain magic, doesn’t it? Look at these beautiful fungi, all found on our local nature reserves. Why not try and discover some yourself this weekend?           

The Conservation volunteers were working hard to create a possible new habitat for Water voles at Logan’s Meadow reserve this month. The ditch which runs parallel to the footbridge has become choked with bramble and is in significant shade. To try and establish more of a variety of marginal aquatic plants, large areas of bramble where cut back and some overhanging tree branches removed. It is important to retain some cover after carrying out this work so any prospective water voles can feel safe to investigate after the…

The woodland flora at Paradise nature reserve has been damaged by excess footfall during Covid times. As a move to establish and encourage recovery the Conservation volunteers and members of The Friends of Paradise have been weaving willow barriers at certain points on the footpaths. The idea is to invite people to stay on the paths and limit additional pathways being formed through the woodland. Plus it was really good fun tapping into our creativity!