• Cows on Sheep's Green, Coe Fen
  • Lime Kiln

Byron’s pool nature reserve was the beautiful location selected for the latest task in Bidwells and Waitrose corporate social responsibility programme. The workers who are part of this scheme are eager to give something back to their local community. These two Trumpington based companies decided on supporting their nearby nature reserve by part taking in some conservation work. The task was to cut and rake the woodland glade situated by the river. It was important to clear the glade as many woodland species use these key areas to…

A morning in Paradise

Newnham nursery had a wonderful nature walk in Paradise nature reserve on a lovely, sunny autumnal morning this November. The children were very inquisitive about the leaves, ducks and sticks! The best part was probably the puddles where their wellies proved invaluable. It was lovely to see how being outside was so completely absorbing for them.  

Planting up Logan’s meadow

It was a great day when volunteers gathered to begin the planting of the new reed bed at Logan’s meadow. The ground was tougher than expected but with real enthusiasm and determination the common reeds, sedge, flag iris, purple loosestrife and marsh marigold were all given their place.  Everybody was excited by the prospect of watching this site develop knowing they were a vital part in it’s creation .