• Cows on Sheep's Green, Coe Fen
  • Lime Kiln

We are so lucky to live in a city where meadows are very accessible. It’s National Meadow day this Saturday 3rd July https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk/discover-wild-plants-nature/national-meadows-day so why not enjoy this beautiful habitat, immerse yourself, take a picnic, take your pick: Coldhams Common, Stourbridge Common, Sheep’s Green, Coe fen, Logan’s Meadow, West pit, which reserve will it be??!!                         

A long cool drink of the fresh stuff, water that is! It’s not just us humans that feel the heat; birds, mammals, plants and insects all need access to water. To help them through these hot spells, how about filling a dish or upturned bin lid with water and place it in a well positioned spot outside? Remember to to clean and refresh the water regularly to prevent the build-up of algae and bacteria. Changing the water will also stop Mosquitoes breeding, use the old water to revive…

The Chalk Stream initiative https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/chalk-streams continued this week with work being undertaken this time on the Vicar’s Brook. Extensive sections of hazel faggots were added to the natural meander to narrow the channel, fasten the flow and encourage silt to be dropped in the slacker water. Flow deflectors were also secured to create scarification and diversity in the flow and the stream bed. More work is planned for the second week in June. Come and check the progress!