Pollinators on the Nature Reserves.

Coltsfoot flowers

March is nearly over and it’s been quite a month!

In the natural world it’s still business as usual. Or should that be bees-ness as usual?!

It would be hard to not spot our beautiful queen bees, freshly emerging, out foraging and looking for a good nesting site.

On the reserves an impressive species count has been clocking up. So far 7 different species of bumblebee have been recorded. See these great pics. If you’re looking for a good home school project, bee spotting could bee one!

Early Bumble bee Early Bumblebee (B.pratorum)

Red Tailed Bumble bee Red-tailed Bumblebee (B.lapidarus)

Vestal Cuckoo bumble bee Vestal Cuckoo Bee (B.vestalis)

Tree Bumble Bee Tree Bumblebee (B.hyporum)

All photos supplied by Clare Wallace and taken at Bramblefields Nature Reserve.





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