Pond life


A recent partnership with CPARG (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough amphibian and Reptile group) has reaped some invaluable pond improvements for the city’s nature reserves. Working firstly at Barnwell East pond, as this is one of the city’s most important common toad breeding sites, the volunteers removed overhanging willow and created a large hibernaculum. CPARG are planning to survey the site this coming spring to get an idea of toad numbers. Next to receive some attention were the ephemeral ponds located at the back of Stourbridge Common. The Friends of Stourbridge Common also pitched in offering some important local knowledge about the ponds and associated fauna. These precious seasonal ponds are a welcome haven for our toads but also popular with grass snakes and smooth newts. Finally the pond at Logan’s Meadow reserve was looked at and it’s drainage problems hopefully solved. If the levels of water can be a little more sustained we may see smooth newts breeding there this spring.

If you are interested in doing some volunteering for CPARG or Friends of Stourbridge Common their details are as follows:




Friends of Stourbridge Common:


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