Spiders – in your face!



Autumn is arguably the best time of year, beautiful trees, frosty mornings and yes, spider webs in the face!

It’s an integral part of the autumn experience feeling the silk sticking to your hair and face, not sure if you have really removed it all, is the spider somewhere???

But why is autumn such a ‘spidery’ time of year?

Most spider species have been growing all summer and are now larger and more visible in our gardens and parks.  Many species are reaching the end of their life span, they have matured, mated and now their spiderlings are hatching out. The gossamer the baby spiders produce to help with dispersal can be visible too, catching the light on a bright day. This process is known as ballooning. The baby spider ( or an individual from a  small species of spider) climb to a high point and release the silk threads from their spinnerets, the threads act like a sail and allow the spiders to be carried great distances. Fantastic!

Image: Araneus diadematus. Garden Orb-web spider

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