Stock on at Barnwell East Nature Reserve.

Cows on Sheep's Green, Coe Fen

4 Redpoll cattle have settled in to graze this valuable mosaic of grassland and scrub throughout September and October. Their grazing helps to push back scrub, reduce invasive non-natives such as Golden rod and Michaelmas daisy on the site. Their presence also works to break up the ground for new plants to seed into and the dung provides a home for a myriad of invertebrates,which in turn creates a good food source for the birds. The cows help to continue the great job the volunteer work parties do throughout the year at Barnwell East.

Having grazed other Cambridge sites these Redpolls are used to people and dogs. However, as with all livestock we encourage people to not directly approach them and to keep dogs on leads during this time.

It’s worth remembering to look out for redpolls this winter at Byron’s pool, not the cows but the birds! Last year many were spotted, along with Siskins feeding on the Alders there.



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