Swifts also are having their week of recognition!

Swift flying

Do Swifts trump Solitary Bees?? As well as Solitary Bee week it’s also National Swift Awareness week. I think we have enough love to go around for both groups, no real favourites here!

Swifts are pretty amazing though:

  • feed, drink, sleep, mate on the wing.
  • migrate 14,000 miles to equatorial and Southern Africa every year.
  • BUT also are declining massively, over the last ten years up to half their numbers have declined.

Swift in hand                 Swift flying away from hands


How to help? That’s why these National awareness weeks exist to highlight the issues and then give advice on how we can change conditions for the better. See below all the links that can give you this information, but be aware that once you start clicking it could lead to:

  • putting up your own swift nesting boxes on your house
  • setting up a camera in this nest box and obsessing about their chicks and when the breeding pair may return next year
  • staring up in to the sky, no matter what you are doing, whenever you hear Swifts calling
  • even monitoring your own bird’s migration path.

In short it could change your life so be ready for that process to happen when you make your first click on:




This process has already happened to Tony, a Chesterton local and Friend of Logan’s Meadow, https://twitter.com/folm_cambridge?lang=en . Please see his awesome video of the Swifts nesting at Logan’s Meadow Swift Tower. https://youtu.be/PMD39Ak8g-8D

All photos were supplied by https://actionforswifts.blogspot.com/p/saw2020.html

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