Tree work at Logan’s Meadow.

Barnwell West

Logan’s Meadow reserve is having a major make over. The most noticeable work is the pollarding of the Willows along the river bank. It can look a little extreme at first but this essential work has to happen every now and then in a willow’s life cycle if they are growing an area with a high foot-fall.

The trees had become dangerous with many shedding large limbs. The area beneath the trees is well used by the public therefore the risk became too great. The job involved pollarding all the trees at the same time  because they have all grown together as a single unit which means leaving some trees for another year would just make those left exposed and vulnerable to wind throw and further failure. The contractors are working sensitively, preserving many potential bat roosts sites, creating safe deadwood and keeping lower limbs to act as a screen and aid the tree’s regrowth, which should be rapid and with increased vigor.

Other clearance work happening at Logan’s is as a response to increased anti-social activity at the site. There has been a drive to open up large sections and create more light. As well as making the site feel safer it also is a chance to increase the biodiversity of plant life as extra light equals more opportunity for different species to find favorable conditions.

Also more young trees are due to be planted in some of the newly created spaces which will hopefully give a more varied structure to the wooded areas.

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